Our Community

Located at the intersection of two arterial roads, Mandurah Forum has high exposure and accessibility. The Centre serves the entire Mandurah trade area, drawing in shoppers from the northern areas of Rockingham, to the southern areas of Bunbury.

Mandurah Forum itself is centrally positioned in the very heart of Mandurah and the Peel region and is the strategic gateway to the south west of Perth. It boasts exceptional transport infrastructure, including the Kwinana Freeway and suburban rail line to Perth.

The facts:

  • Mandurah Forum is located 72km south of Perth.
  • Over the past ten years, Mandurah has grown to become Western Australia’s second largest city* with a population of 117,000 people. By 2028, that’s forecast to rise to 171,0001 .
  • Retail spending by trade area residents to increase to $2.87b by 20281.
  • A large outbound market from the Bunbury region generating over $1b in annual retail expenditure1.
  • A sizeable tourist market – 1.9m day trippers and 1.4m overnight visitors generating $205m in retail spend visitors1.


Meet the locals

Mandurah’s population growth over the next 14 years is projected to increase by 2.8%, compared to the Perth average of 2.2%1. The community is characterised by a high proportion of young suburban families who are tech savvy, and a mix of affluent empty nesters and blue collar families2. An easy getaway destination, Mandurah welcomes a  sizeable tourist market of 1.9 million day trippers and 1.4 million overnight visitors annually.

  • 24.6% of households in the trade area are suburban families. Of these 16.4% are young families. They aretech savvy and have a high income2.
  • 13.9% of households in the trade area are classified as empty nest executives. They are affluent and social2.
  • 12.3% of households in the trade area are blue collar families. They are reasonably well off with mid to high household incomes2.

Trade area by numbers

  • Retail spending by trade area residents currently amounts to $1.64 billion and is forecast to increase to $2.87 billion by 2028. Including inflation, the trade area market is expected to grow by about 6% per annum over the period.1
  • The large outbound market from the Bunbury region, generates over $1b in annual retail expenditure1.
  • It is estimated that tourists increased the trade area retail market by 12% in 20141.
  • Current market share of 19% (compared to Urbis averages of 13% for double DDS centres and 12% for regional centres).


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