Walk Safely to School Day

An eye catching sea of high visibility vests for Mandurah children for Walk Safely to School Day

This morning the local streets of Mandurah were a sea of high visibility vests as Mandurah Forum and Mandurah Primary School again united to support local students for the national event, Walk Safely to School Day.  
This morning’s walk (Friday 22 May) brought together 270 students, staff and parents who were all wearing their high visibility vests that were donated by Mandurah Forum. 
Centre Manager, Nigel Haines said: “We are thrilled to get behind this important safety event and it’s wonderful that close to 300 local students were involved this morning in Walk Safely to School Day.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to partner with Mandurah Primary School and it’s an asset to be working together as we look forward to support more local schools in the coming months,” Nigel said.

Principal, Natasha Upcott said: “This is the first of many events that we will be participating in to raise awareness of children’s safety. 
“Our students are passionate about being road safety champions and will continue to be leaders for our community,” Principal Upcott said. 
Together Mandurah Forum and Mandurah Primary School have formed a partnership to actively promote the campaign with a shared vision of implementing the program into more schools within the local community. 
Mandurah Forum donated the high visibility vests as part of the ‘Being Seen, Being Safe’ road safety initiative, a project designed to influence positive road safety behaviour and increase visibility of children.
Walk Safely to School Day is a community event is supported by the Australian Government and encourages all primary school children to walk and commute safely to school.

For more information about ‘Being Seen Being Safe’ contact Laura Knowles at laura.knowles@federationcentres.com.au