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Introducing the new Mandurah Forum

The $350 million complete centre transformation will nearly double the size of Mandurah Forum.  It’s being reborn  to become a contemporary retail, dining and shopping destination of what is now Western Australia’s second biggest city.

It will be anchored by David Jones, Target, Kmart, Woolworths, Coles and Big W. It will feature five new mini major stores and approximately 220 specialty retailers.


Introducing the first Mandurah Forum Heart of the South Mini Series! Watch it now to hear about the latest news and redevelopment updates from your Centre Manager, Jacqueline.


Hop on a virtual tour through our walkthrough and watch the transformation right before your eyes! The walkthrough can be accessed from Entries 3 and 6 and provides you with improved access to Coles and Kmart. Be sure to sneak a peek through our peepholes! From here, you'll be able to see your new Target, Fresh Food Market Hall and over 80 specialty stores take shape.


Come fly with us as we check out the incredible transformation of the centre so far.

MILESTONE ALERT! Today was a massive day for us on site as our builders installed our very first travelator for the Multi-deck car park! The entire process was completed from assembling, skating and positioning them into place, and it was fascinating to watch! Overall it took a team of 10 tradies and 15 hours to complete the job! Well done team.

Watch Hazel in Volume 2 of our Mini Series and hear all she has to say about The Blue Budha and being part of the journey to Mandurah Forum becoming Heart of the South. A big thank you to Hazel for participating in the Mandurah Forum Heart of the South Mini Series. It was a pleasure hearing your story and we look forward to hearing from more of our fellow stores soon!



Check out the makings of our street art as we capture local artist, Sam Shields bring to life 342m2 of our multi-deck car park. The larger than life mural features all the things we love about living in Mandurah, including a collage of local landmarks and iconic activities.

Introducing Volume 3 of the Mandurah Forum Heart of the South Mini Series. In this volume, we hear from our Centre Manager, Jacqueline and Project Director, James as we celebrate the completion of the very first major milestone of the Mandurah Forum redevelopment


Check out some of the highlights from 2016 as we wrap up a successful year of the redevelopment project. We've seen an incredible transformation since we first started construction in May. The project is 1/3rd complete, with 2017 bringing us the opening of Target, the Fresh Food Market Hall & over 80 specialty stores.

Development update! Check out the latest progress by watching the April flyover of Mandurah Forum.

Introducing Volume 4 of the Mandurah Forum Heart of the South Mini Series! Watch as we hear from some of our retailers as they talk about their own journey’s in the Mandurah Forum redevelopment.

Introducing the new Mandurah Forum, home to Target, Big W, Kmart, Woolworths, Coles, Fresh Food Market Hall and over 100 speciality stores. With improved parking, better centre access, and more choice, finding something for everyone has never been easier.