Christmas at Miss Maud

Offer| 17th November 2021 - 23rd December 2021
Christmas at Miss Maud
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Do you love Christmas? Well, lucky for you because so does Miss Maud!

If you’re feeling festive and want to add some magic to your Christmas then take a look at these delicious treats. Miss Maud has released this very special cake collection for everyone to enjoy.

Each cake is handmade with love; from traditional favourites to exciting new tortas and of course Miss Maud’s famous Swedish gingerbread!

So add some magic to your celebrations and start some new Christmas traditions today! You can choose and order online or instore for delivery or pick-up.

Rudolphina Christmas Reindeer Cake - 10-12 serves- $62
She’s everybody’s favourite reindeer and will really add some wow factor to your party. Beautifully handcrafted and dressed to frill with white chocolate antlers and a red Jaffa nose. Inside is a delicious caramel mudcake filled with caramel ganache.

White Christmas Torta - 10-12 serves- $49.95
Dreaming of a white Christmas? Then here it is! A stylish and delicious torta for your Christmas table, it features four layers of vanilla sponge filled with custard cream, whole raspberries and raspberry jam. Simply stunning

Christmas Log - 5 serves- $24.95
A traditional centrepiece for the Christmas table, it looks like it came straight out of the Swedish forest! Featuring chocolate sponge flavoured with Orange Marnier with chocolate ganache ‘bark’, red cherries and Christmas holly

Christmas Mudcake Tree - 5 serves- $21.95
A magical Christmas tree with baubles and a shining star on top. This chocolate mudcake is covered with chocolate ganache and decorated with coloured buttercream, icing and red ribbon.

Christmas Tree Brownies- $5.25/ea
How do you make a brownie even more delicious? Turn it into a Christmas tree! With coloured frosting and 100s and 1000s this is the perfect sized treat for one.

Christmas Mudcake Tortette – 2-3 serves- $12.95
A mini festive version of Miss Maud’s classic mudcake. It makes a great gift and is just the right size for two to enjoy.

Vanilla Slice Christmas Tree - 6 serves- $29.95
Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree! Miss Maud’s legendary vanilla slice is feeling very festive this year! Puff pastry filled with fresh cream, vanilla custard and apple raspberry jam. This one will be loved by young and old!

Santaland Cupcakes- $4.75/ea
Colourful and delicious festive cupcakes featuring favourite Christmas characters. The kids will love these!

Gingerbread Santa- $3.95/ea
The only gingerbread cookie to leave out for Santa this year! Our cute Santa is sure to delight and is only here Christmas so make sure you try one. Made from Miss Maud’s traditional Swedish gingerbread.

Gingerbread Noels- $3.75/ea
How cute is this Noel? He’s ready to come home with you this Christmas. Made from traditional Swedish gingerbread and deliciously decorated with white, red and green icing. It might be your first Noel, but it certainly won’t be your last!

Christmas Truffles- $3.65/ea
All the richness of a traditional brandy-soaked fruitcake drizzled with white chocolate and topped with a real glazed cherry piece. It’s a mini Christmas treat!

Marshmallow Santa- $3.75/ea
In Sweden, “Tomte” the Christmas gnome traditionally eats a bowl of rice porridge left out on Christmas Eve. But we think he’d much prefer these marshmallow treats! **

Festive Fruit Cake –10-12 serves- $42
Miss Maud’s own recipe prepared to bring you all the cheer of Christmas! A rich, moist fruitcake festively decorated with a pretty ribbon and wrapped in cellophane. Makes an easy and delicious gift and saves you having to bake!

Iced Fruit Cake – 10-12 serves- $52
A very traditional Christmas cake! Using Miss Maud’s own recipe, this moist fruit cake is covered in Royal icing and decorated with a ribbon, sprig of holly and then wrapped in cellophane.

Festive Red Velvet - 10-12 serves- $39.95
One for the cheesecake lovers! This creamy red velvet cheesecake features a pretty Christmas snowflake and festive macarons and is skirted with a red velvet crumb.

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